We are bringing the cooperative banking model into the digital age.

*Oyoba Inc. is a company that intends to become a fully regulated financial institution, but does not hold any license at this point.

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You make the difference.

At Oyoba, every member has an equal say. Together we have the power to change how we deal with money.

We want your voice to be heard.

Finance is too important to leave the decisions to others. Oyoba stands for «own your bank». It is core to our philosophy. Major financial institutions must be controlled by all its stakeholders.

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We want finance to do more for you. We let you explore various opportunities in terms of finance for a better return on investment. In fact, more and more investors in South Africa are turning to copy trading platforms – as you will have the opportunity to trade passively. The benefit of this trading is that you can sit back and actively trade without needing to do any research or place any orders. So, we have reviewed the Best Copy Trading Platforms South Africa, for your reference, do check it out! Join the movement and let’s build the first democratic digital bank*.

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We believe in values.

The way we allocate and control our money has a significant impact on our planet and our lives. 

We welcome bitcoin traders to invest in our bank as we believe in cryptocurrency and it is the future money. We recommend crypto robots such as bitcoin bank as they are growing popular day by day owing to the high volumes of trade they generate autonomously. Therefore, we will be establishing a strong base for both fiat and digital currencies trading for our investors and customers.