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Oyoba stands for «own your bank». This was the codename of the project back in 2016 and later turned into the company name.

We think banking needs to change. From the way customers are treated to the pace at which innovation happens.

The token sale is scheduled to launch in early 2018.

Oyoba is targeting to be a fully licensed bank. At this point, the company does not have a banking license.

First products are scheduled to be launched in 2018.

Banks will be needed for much longer than some people in the crypto space expect. They are necessary to make the transition from the current system to blockchain-based solutions. Even once all assets have been moved to a blockchain, financial institutions will still exist to provide software solutions, information services, customer support and be custodians for physical assets.

Oyoba is a registered company based in Switzerland. The official legal names are Oyoba AG, Oyoba SA and Oyoba Inc.

Oyoba can play vital role in the blockchain ecosystem. The goal is to make crypto fit for everyday use.

Our B2B will provide crucial services to the blockchain ecosystem.

Building a bank requires a lot of capital. Compared to other projects, the projects will not be overfunded.

Besides the consumer services (B2C), Oyoba has a division that will provide various blockchain services (B2B: Business-to-Blockchain).

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