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March 15, 2019

Oyoba joins the seif Impact Academy

When we started Oyoba, we knew that we had to do more than leveraging the latest technologies to deliver value to our customers. In a society that is increasingly in distress, it seemed more important than ever to take the social responsibility we all have seriously.

With Oyoba, we think we are seeing three areas where we can have a true social impact:

(1) We want to make it easier for people to manage their finances, with one of our clear goals to help our customers to avoid debt or get out of it. Unlike many other consumer finance companies, our business model does not rely on debt.

(2) Banking is a lot about capital allocation, from the way a bank’s balance sheet is managed, to the investments it makes available to its customers. From day one, our business concept had an ethical approach to investments and is a fundemental part of our values. 

(3) Oyoba was born with the idea of a company that is owned by its customers. While this is not a new idea in itself, tech startups have not embraced this model yet. It will allow us to deliver superior value to our customers and promote a type of organization that can help fighting the increasing inequality in our world. This is why we are striving to reinvent the cooperative for the 21st century.

We are are excited to be part of the seif Impact Academy, where we will learn more about the process of driving and measuring social impact.


March 8, 2019

Join us on Meetup.

We are excited to announce our first Meetup group. This group will be a vital place for our future events. Our goal is to set up local hubs across Europe and the first will be centered around Zurich, Switzerland. If you are interested in helping us setting up local communities and become one of our ambassadors, feel free to contact us via More information on this program will follow

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February 10, 2019

A message from the founders.

Dear Oyobians,

What an amazing year 2018 was! Like a rollercoaster, we went through the ups and downs of crypto summer and winter and gained a lot of valuable experience during that time.

Now it’s time to further turn our vision and plans into actions and we’d like to invite all of you to join us on this amazing journey and become part of this movement.

On this page, you’ll find all the relevant updates and we look forward to getting your responses and inputs.

Together with you, we’re building the future of banking!

Stay tuned,

Patrick, Kevin, Kurt

We want your voice to be heard.

Finance is too important to leave the decisions to others. Oyoba stands for «own your bank». It is core to our philosophy. A financial institution that is owned and controlled by its customers.

Join the community.